28 December, 2012


In April we screened Playground in hopes of starting the conversation about the exploitation of children in our community.

Playground follows the filmmaker's quest to find Michelle, a girl trafficked to Canada when she was 12. Michelle was found and sent to live with a foster care family, but ran away and was re-trafficked several more times. While the filmmaker shares her quest, the film does an excellent job of discussing just what is happening in our country.

Playground looks at the reality that the exploitation of children is not just an international problem, but one we must start discussing in real terms here is the U.S.

We were privileged to have a panel of local experts to discuss the issue. We had a forensic nurse speak to the trends they see in the ER, a CASA advocate on the role (both positive and negative) foster care can play, a major voice in the anti-trafficking movement on what can be done. A local FBI victims' specialist gave a broader perspective, and finally Colorado AG John Suthers spoke about what his priorities are related to this issue.

It was a hard night, yet in the end everyone felt more empowered to do something. It was a step that we hope to build upon in 2013.