02 April, 2014

LTHF is Looking for Board Members

LTHF exists to empower the local community to prevent violence and care for those affected. We desire for all people affected by violence to have a prosperous life in a communal society. LTHF is currently looking for board members in the Colorado Springs area. We are especially looking for those with a finance, fundraising, social enterprise and/or marketing experience.
LTHF received its 501(c)3 in December and wants to increase its work in the community. LTHF works mostly in the area of care and advocacy and focuses on personal violence issues (including intimate partner violence, sexual assault, child abuse and human trafficking). We also work closely with the foster care system, realizing that personal violence is interconnected and we cannot make strides in one area without consideration for the others. Through education and awareness, we seek to decrease stigma and stereotypes, ultimately creating a safe place for those affected to speak up and share their experiences.
Go here for a description of what we are looking for. If you are interested or have questions, please contact us at Amanda(at)LetThemHaveFaces.com.

31 March, 2014

Run for a Cause

Our friends at the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado are participating in the Bringing Hope Run on May 3rd, at America the Beautiful Park. Bringing Hope Run benefits organizations locally and internationally who are committed freedom!  We want to help the Take Force have the most runners at the event and receive a grant for their work.
We are trying to get all of our friends to come out, support the Task Force and complete a 5K. Register before April 15th (make sure to choose the Task Force) and register for the 5K. Then email us and we’ll bring a LTHF t-shirt for you the day of the race!


28 March, 2014

International Women’s Day

On March 8th 140 men and women gathered together to celebrate International Women’s Day. They
heard the stories of four incredible, local women, working to end personal violence. Through stories of loss and triumph from eastern Africa to here in Colorado Springs, we learned more about resiliency and how it really does take a community to end violence against women.
Violence against women takes on many forms and can be masked in ways we cannot imagine. From the emotional abuse to honour killings and rape as a weapon of war, violence against any woman is violence against all humanity.
Some interesting notes to come out of the day:
  • Education for girls decreases early marriage, obstetric fistulas, and human trafficking. It leads to smaller families, increased family income, and decreases in poverty.
  • The majority of those trafficked are men for labor exploitation.
  • There is a strong relationship between the number of female legislators in a state’s congress and the funding available for victims of trafficking. However, the most effective examples are the ones in which female legislators pull in their male counterparts and get their buy in.
We cannot let personal violence become a niched women’s issue. Far too many see these issues as things that only affect women. We have allowed the discussion and the response to become too female driven. That is to say, we need to remember that violence affects men and women, that both men and women are perpetrators and that if we want to end it, we need to create a complete community response.
As we talk about what we know with others, let us remember and advocate that personal violence is a human rights issue. It does not just affect one group of people, it affects all of us.
“You are the hope God created for others” ~ Doris Rivera-Black

24 February, 2014

Day at the Capitol

Last Thursday, the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado hosted its second Advocacy Day at the Colorado Capitol.

Speakers included:
  • Chair, Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado, Betty Edwards 
  • Attorney General, John Suthers
  • Denver Chief of Police, Robert White
  • FBI Denver Special Agent in Charge, Thomas Ravenelle
  • Homeland Security Special Agent in Charge, Kumar Kibble
  • Denver PD Sergeant and ILTF member, Daniel Steele
  • Legislative Host Committee members 
  • Brad Riley, iEmpathize 
  • Survivor, Aubrey Lloyd

Hear  Aubrey’s story here.

Stay in-touch with about the Task Force, check out their Facebook or website.

24 December, 2013

The Power of Empathy

As we come into this Christmas season, let's try a bit more empathy and engaging with those around us who might be struggling during this time.

07 November, 2013

Gift Cards for Bras

For the second year we are collecting gift cards for girls in foster care for Christmas. The gift cards to local retailers allow the high schoolers to get bras and other personal items they need. There are three ways to donate:

1. Send your gift cards to LTHF, PO Box 934, Colorado Springs, CO 80901

2. Donate and specify it’s for bras

3. If you live in Colorado Springs, let us know and we can arrange a time to meet and collect the gift cards