About Us

Let Them Have Faces (LTHF) started to address the basic needs of victims of violence at their most vulnerable moment. We try to connect with the community and those who have been affected by violence (intimate partner violence, sexual assault, child abuse and human trafficking) to decrease stigma and stereotypes and create a safe place for survivors to share their experience. Our hope is for the community to come together to address the root causes of violence and to place responsibility on those who committed the acts instead of those affected. 

LTHF works alongside organizations in the areas of personal violence and the foster care system. Utilizing awareness, education and advocacy, we seek to increase community involvement with survivors of violence. LTHF functions as a resource organization, coordinating with individuals, local businesses and professionals to fill some of the needs (products or services) of our partner organizations. We focus on the small things. The basic necessities allow our partner organizations to better serve their clients while giving people in the community a tangible way of getting involved.

Her Shoes, LTHF's main program, partners with local organizations working directly with those affected by violence. 
  • We collect new shoes for the forensic nurse program, so when a woman surrenders everything she has on (including her shoes) to the evidence process, she does not have to leave the hospital barefoot. 
  • We also partner with the Milton Foster Children’s Fund collecting duffle bags so the children don’t have to move their belongings in trash bags. 
Her Shoes focuses on the small items we can collect that make a tremendous difference to those who receive them. 

LTHF received its 501(c)3 in December, 2013. 

Contact us at Amanda(at)LetThemHaveFaces.com