08 October, 2009

What's Going On...

So this whole long distance communication thing not going so well for me right now. There is a lot of good things going on. But internet is sketchy and, to be honest, it's hard to write about something in process. But I am alive and doing well. I am in the final weeks - and I am trying to stay all here and finish well.

If you could pray for that - that I do not turn my eyes DC-ward until I am on my way back home that would be amazing.

The pastor asked me to write my Rwandan testimony and if I can organize the last 4 months into something coherent then I will post it here. But things are well, I am well, just can't seem to answer email or post a blog.

Hoping to meet with some of the kiddos in the education project this weekend. The end is visible and I am sad to be thinking about leaving, but ready for what God has next.

So, in the meantime, have some Starbucks apple cider and think of me, it is my favorite drink this time of year!

Will write more soon