05 June, 2009

The owner of the girl

Peter shares a story from a recent trip to Sudan:

- “What’s marriage like in Europe?” (the Sudanese man asked)
- “I beg your pardon?”, I say doubtfully.
- “I mean, do you pay the brides by cow or by cash?”, he specifies.
- “Well, neither of the two.”, I respond casually to hide my amusement
- “So what’s the advantage for the owner of the girl then?”, he replies with a big smile and looks at me as if I’m coming from outer space. He chuckles and as he walks away he turns to my colleague and says: “Hey, black brother, you’d better tell your friend how it works!” still smiling and mulling over the funniest thing that ever happened to him.

Because this is how every woman (wife) wants to be viewed:

- “So what’s the advantage for the owner of the girl then?”

Maybe this ingrained mentality is one of the reasons female rights in most of the world is so hard to come by...