11 November, 2008

Prayer Requests:

erAs we go, one of the most important things we need is prayer. Below are some requests, though I will probably be adding more...

Team Unity;

Our hearts will be open;
We will learn what He has for us;
Safety in Travel (protection);
Bonding between my mom and me;
We can bring a little joy to these girls who have overcome so much;
We will each figure out what we can do to combat modern day slavery

For those at the organizations we are meeting – continued protection, rest, release, and an inner peace of Christ to continue in what they do and for all they see;

God would come and explode in Cambodia and that the darkness that fills that place would be diminished and replaced;

We can all come back empowered advocates for the thousands of women and children around the world being sexually exploited;

The church would see these prostituted women as gifts and children of God and learn to love what is different and hard instead of being cold, calloused, and condemning;

These little girls will be allowed use their voices to tell their story;

The restoration and recreation of the girls at the home. That they will be cleansed in His perfect body and blood and find their identity in His heart and all He created them to be.

That this dark practice, this modern day slavery, will finally be eradicated and destroyed.