09 November, 2008

A Note From Mom:

I am lucky to be going to Cambodia with my mom. Below is a note from her about the trip. I will try to get her to write something else. Thank you for all the support. It means more than I can say that I get to experience this with someone I love. My parents have been very pivotal in my walk to caring about those who are caught in commercial sexual exploitation. My mother definitely gave me a heart to care for the poor, and I would not be where I am without her. So thank you, from both of us.

In just 6 days, 15 American women head out to Seoul, Korea, and then on to Phenom Phen, Cambodia, for the experience of a lifetime. Due to some very generous friends, I get to join this group to see first hand what is being done to release girls from the grip of forced sexual exploitation. Manda is one of the co-leaders and I must admit, I am really looking forward to watching her as she leads the team each evening in processing what we have seen during the day. She is also praying that what the groups sees in Cambodia will change the way we live in America - that it won't just stay a memory of a meaningful trip but will challenge us to be child advocates no matter where we are. This certainly is the desire of my heart as I prepare to go.

We do so covet you prayers for us during this time - we leave on Saturday the 15th and arrive back on the 24th. Manda will be able to spend the rest of that Thanksgiving week with us before heading back.

Do also pray for Billy as we are gone. He is excited for us, but it's also hard to think of two of his "girls" so far away from his protection and guidance. How grateful we all are that we have our Heavenly Father watching over us each and every minute.

I don't know how much computer time we will have in country, but do know that we will update this blog as much as we can. And if not before, look for our pictures and updates once we've been able to catch our breath upon returning home that last week of November.

Thank you for caring about us and for being our friends.