08 May, 2008

Do It For Northern Uganda!

Friends of Uganda,

The peace talks in Uganda are in danger of falling through. Latest reports have indicated that Kony has not signed the peace agreement and there have been rumors that 360 more children were abducted in Southern Sudan recently. Please sign this petition and send it on to your friends. Peace is so close, and yet we need to remain strong with renewed efforts and prayers, so please pray for our friends in Uganda. They long to get out of the camps and return home. I leave to move back to Uganda in 20 days, so by August I'll be able to send reports from the ground. You can check up on me by visiting: http://www.saritahartz.com

Visit http://www.ugandacan.org for more information on the current situation in Uganda.

Yesterday, more than 30 humanitarian, faith-based and advocacy organizations from around the world united in a statement of support for efforts to salvage northern Uganda's peace process and to declare that there is still hope for peace in Uganda.

And today, I'm asking you to add your name to that impressive list.

Local leaders from northern Uganda, who have worked tirelessly to achieve peace for their people, will be trekking back into the jungle this weekend, perhaps for the last time, to meet with LRA leader Joseph Kony. They'll be trying to convince him to sign onto the final peace agreement that would formally end Uganda's 22-year war.

Their courageous perseverance is inspiring, and we want them to know that we stand in solidarity with them during this crucial time. Even if Kony ultimately does not sign, their efforts are key to ensuring that the progress achieved already in these negotiations isn't reversed.

Click here to add your name to this petition and use your voice for peace.

We've set an ambitious goal: 10,000 signatures by the time the meeting takes place on Saturday, and we need you to act now to help us reach it.

Not only will you be sending a message to the people of northern Uganda, you will be sending a message to your leaders that this process deserves our patience and persistence. We will be hand delivering this statement to every U.S. Senate office, requesting their assistance in helping to ensure a safe and peaceful future for the people of northern Uganda and the wider region.

Will your name be on it?

10,000 signatures in less than two days. It's the most ambitious goal we've set since this campaign for peace began, but we believe there could not be a more important time to act.

Rather than sit by and give in to growing international cynicism, we can stand with the people of northern Uganda and lend our support, our voices, our names to peace.

Will you join us?

Thank you,
Alison Jones
Director of Advocacy, Resolve Uganda

P.S. You can click here to read more about the statement and see which organizations are supporting it.