13 May, 2008

Daily Reading...

What am I reading:

WorldMeters – a real time account of population, food production and other fun facts.

Burmese Officials Skimming Cyclone Aid

Aid it being allowed into the country, but the militant government is keeping the best food for itself or shuffling it out to its loyal supports – leaving the leftovers for their people – which is far from enough.

IRIN releases “Who’s Who” of armed groups operating in Central African Republic

What’s not that surprising – the LRA is spreading their terror there too. What is surprising – still no one does anything and Kony expects (demands) a get out of jail free card from The Hague.

The LRA’s actions affect DRC – an interesting report on how the LRA are allowed to impact more lives.

The UN’s latest brief on displacement and population movements in eastern DR Congo notes an “upsurge” of LRA activity in the northeastern region in recent months. Attacks by LRA and Mayi-Mayi rebels there caused the displacement of 47,000 persons in 2007, and the brief notes that continued LRA activity and the potential deployment of the Congolese national army (FARDC) could cause further displacement.

Labor Trafficking is one the rise in Haiti – driven by the poor economy and instability.

Finally, thought they may have a new president nothing has changed in Russia:

The best quote when Putin corrected the new pres of which side of the table he was sitting on:

"Oh, what's the difference?" Medvedev answered and immediately sat on the right of the desk, where Putin's guests traditionally perched for the eight years of his presidency.