26 April, 2008

Northern Uganda

Uganda Conflict Action Network (Uganda-CAN) released these findings from UNICEF today. I post their blog in its entirety in hopes of spreading the word of what is going on in Northern Uganda and to let you know that we are far from a peace agreement. Just this month Kony left the table and moved to the CAR where the LRA has established a base (Read here and here). The people of Northern Uganda have suffered 20 years of civil war at the hands of Kony and his predecessors who abduct children - forcing them to kill and become sex slaves in a war no one wants.

There must be pressure on the US government to push the government in Southern Uganda to engage the conflict. There must be pressure on UNICEF and other to adequately fund those on the field so some can at least help those suffering in this conflict.

UNICEF: Humanitarian funding “critically low” in northern Uganda

A brief released this week by the UN children’s agency reports that funding for humanitarian work in northern Uganda and Karamoja is “critically low.” Donors have disbursed only 21% of the funds needed to fulfill the 2008 UN humanitarian appeal for Uganda, and these funds are spread unevenly over different sectors of humanitarian aid. Not one dollar has come through for UNICEF’s emergency non-food distribution, HIV/AIDS and water and sanitation projects in northern Uganda and Karamoja. The failure of international donors to respond adequately to the appeal is widening the gap between crisis and recovery. Displaced persons in Acholi, 80% of whom are women and children, are going home at slow rates in part due to a “stark lack of basic infrastructure and social services in areas of return.” Read the full brief here.