10 April, 2008

As We Forgive

As We Forgive Those Trailer

As We Forgive Those is a 1-hour documentary that explores the power of forgiveness to restore the most hopeless relationship, that of a murderer and his victim's family. Why are survivors who’ve lost entire families willing to forgive and befriend those who destroyed their lives? Why are once-militant Hutus who macheted their neighbors to death now repenting of their crimes? How does the church, which failed at moral leadership during the genocide, fit into the process of reconciliation today? In a world that exalts “justice for all,” what does the concept of radical forgiveness say about the human capacity to forgive and its need for redemption? And what does it mean for the restoration and future of Rwanda?

As We Forgive Those tells three stories of Rwandans once caught in opposite tides of Rwanda’s genocidal bloodbath and their extraordinary journey from death to life through forgiveness.

As We Forgive

I am going to the premiere tonight and I am so excited. I saw the trailer above over a year ago at my church retreat. The film maker goes to my church and this is her final project from grad school. I am anxious to see if it can help with with my thoughts as I try to understand forgiveness is and how it can come from something so tragic as the Rwandan Genocide.