04 November, 2013

What We’ve Been Doing

Over the last year two Boy Scouts have approached us to help with their Eagle project. In both cases we asked them to create bags for The Milton Foster Children’s Fund. The first did 24 duffle bags, complete with a fleece blanket, a flashlight, a deck of cards and other fun items. The second made over 40 drawstring backpacks. They also donated school supplies, right at the time the teens were getting ready to go back to school.

Our donations have increased since the opening of The Hanger earlier this year. The Hanger is a shop specifically for teenagers in the foster care system in Teller and El Paso County. Any child 14-21 who needs to can come in on a Saturday and trade work time for items. It is an incredible way for teens to get clothing, shoes, and other supplies they need as well as experience working in a retail environment. Since the start of the year we have donated backpacks, clothes and duffle bags to The Hanger as well as granting some specific wishes for cowboy boots and a full length mirror. We were also able to provide food for a fun event The Hanger hosted for the teenagers thanks to a generous donor!

It’s been a busy few months over there at LTHF. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with a variety of groups within our community and have been able to deliver supplies to our partner agencies around town.

To help us provide more wishes and items our partner organizations needs donate here.