08 January, 2013

Advocacy Updates

We hope you have been following our 52 days of Advocacy on Facebook. We are partnering with The Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado and Unlock Freedom to bring you safety tips to protect your children, ways to engage in the anti-trafficking movement from prevention to restoration, information on how Human Trafficking is attached to other forms of abuse and exploitation, posts from survivors and their families, and event updates and information.
LTHF is posting each Tuesday and Thursday until February 21st. 

In case you missed them, here are the posts from last week:

Tuesday: The 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Thursday: Foster Care children are at higher risk for being trafficking. A University of Chicago study found that 46% of foster care children in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin had run away from care at some point in time. There are also a high number of those in foster care who "phase out" of the system and end up homeless because no other options exist. Experts state that most runaways are trafficked within 48 hours of being on the street.

Today: Victims of child abuse can become victims of trafficking. A study by Donna Hughes at the University of Rhode Island found that anywhere from 50-75% of women being prostituted where physically abused as children. 65 - 80% were victims of child sexual abuse, rape, or incest. Hughes correlates the two by saying, “Incest is boot camp” for prostitution. What if we did more to intervene in situations of child abuse? What if we fought harder and were more diligent in looking for the signs of abuse in children? What if we did more to stop child abuse, could that have an affect on the number of women being exploited?

Stay with us until February 21st via our Facebook group.