06 December, 2012

Update on Kara

The Colorado Springs Sheriff's Department held a press conference asking for information on two brunettes they think were with Kara the day she disappeared. Kara's picture turned up on a Las Vegas website for escorts, but police don't think Kara posted those photos.

I would encourage all of you to watch this KRDO story on Kara. The conversation around her disappearance has become too focused on what her dreams are. As Aubrey said in the KRDO story - someone's loved one is missing. Kara is someone's daughter, best friend, sister and that is getting lost in her dreams to become a model. Sex sells in our society and so instead of focusing on the facts of the case (someone's loved one is missing, she went to Denver without her wallet, her cell phone has been silent over two months and was last seen with two brunettes), news agencies, etc. are focusing on one aspect of who she was and making it all about that. The images they show don't focus on a 19-year-old girl, but are exploitative. Even the headlines show the media's tendency to play up the dramatic.

If we can find a reason to "blame the victim" then we feel less sympathy for her. Kara's desire to be a model and the images she posted are being used to excuse what happened. When we attach words like “prostitute” “model” “lingerie” etc. and images to a person, when we focus on lifestyle instead of shared humanity and the intrinsic value all human beings have, people become "less of a victim" because of choices we might not fully understand.

Regardless - a girl is missing and we need to do what we can to find her. Below is the latest poster released by the Help Us Find Kara Nichols Facebook page. If you have any information, please contact El Paso County Detective Cliff Porter at (719) 390-5555 or email tips to findkaranichols@gmail.com.