11 November, 2011

speaking engagement

I am speaking tomorrow at an organization here in town. Please pray it goes well and that I am able to speak coherently and say what this group needs to hear.

Pray that we are able to collect what we need and that this is the first of many meetings with the people there.

Will update on Monday!

Until then, this is one of the best responses I've read to the Penn State scandal. From Love146.

...McQueary acted the coward and failed. Real men protect children. Matt Millen, ESPN Commentator and Penn State star friendly with all of the men involved, broke down and wept on the radio.  He said this …

“… This is more than a football legacy. This is about people and if we can’t protect our kids, we as a society are pathetic.”

...This is exactly the sort of thing men say: that the failure to protect women and children is inexcusable. But often later, when we sit down with our Task Force groups, volunteers who have joined us on the front lines of the fight against the exploitation of children, most of the angry men are absent. It seems that often men filled with righteous indignation and courage at the Love146 table in a church lobby or on a talk radio show, become a radical minority when it comes to the actual work of justice. A quick survey of  Love146 Task Forces suggests that women out number men 5-1!