17 December, 2010

A Better Workplace

Perry Noble wrote 11 Ways a Leader can Serve the People They Work With.

I would take the list and just call it - a way we can call make the workplace a better place to be! Here is the list (emphasis added) from Perry's blog:

#1 – Adopt the mindset that these people work with me and not for me.

#2 – Provide enough margin for the people who serve with you to be creative and brainstorm ahead.

#3 – Make sure that the people you serve with have the resources they need to do the job they are expected to do.

#4 – Say “thank you” and “great job” A LOT instead of just pointing out all of the areas where a person came up short.

#5 – Try your best to make sure that if an area of the church is going to be impacted by a certain decision that someone from that area had input in the decision making process.  (Learned this one from Andy Stanley.)

#6 – Make sure the expectations for the people you lead are both spoken and realistic.  (We cannot hold people accountable for unspoken, unrealistic expectations.)

#7 – Don’t confuse personal preferences with conviction from the Holy Spirit…if you tell the people you serve with that “God told me” then you had better be willing to bet your last Bible than you heard from the Lord!

#8 – Model what you consider to be important…in other words, when you are walking into the building and see a piece of trash on the ground…pick it up.

#9 – Listen to them!!!

#10 – Understand that your words weight 1,000 pounds…choose them carefully!

#11 – Understand that WHAT you say and HOW you say it matter…the people you serve with are human beings with hearts, minds and souls…they deserve to be treated as such.