22 November, 2010

I saw this the other day and immediately thought of all the things in my life I am trying to keep going at the moment. And how, in the midst of having all these balls in the air, only a couple are of vital importance.

Not one to usually just post something random like this on this blog (my thoughts usually show up here), I wanted to take a second and write about this.

This is the time of year when things get busier. Maybe at work they slow down, but the rest of life speeds up. I have had to take a look at my life as of late and determine which things are TRULY important to me. What am I giving my first/best time to? What could I let drop? Because, let's be honest, something in our life could give.

I came to that conclusion in Rwanda - that to assume I have to do it all, or that is all depends on me, is 1) presumptuous and arrogant, and 2) denying other people the possibility to step up. Some things on our list are our responsibility and therefore we have to do. But what things are we taking on that are not?

What I've decided are the most important things to me right now are 1) life-giving, edifying friendships, 2) doing well at work, and 3) getting to know God. The rest is just noise if those things aren't getting the time and attention they need.