14 October, 2010

"We can learn to practice gratitude..."

Chris Rice at Duke posted this about a recent speaker they had (emphasis added).

The greatest challenge to forming friendships at the margins may be us.

Are we willing to be vulnerable with our friends? Will we risk feeling betrayed?  Will we respond in gratitude to the possibility of friendship across divides because we were first called a friend of God?

All good words from Christine Pohl.

Christine challenged us to draw closer to Christ and to draw closer to community. By extending hospitality, we can learn to practice gratitude for God and for each other. We can learn to move to the rhythms of celebrating with one another, sharing meals and even learning to rest.


These words strike me as true for those working in development 

“Let’s change our language. Let’s not talk about ‘the poor’ anymore. We talk about our friends. The problem is, most of us don’t have friends who are poor. That speaks to the poverty of our friendships.” — Chris Heuertz, co-international executive director of Word Made Flesh.