06 July, 2010

A Testimony: Truth Without Photoshop

A Testimony: Truth Without Photoshop:
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A must listen if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of sexual abuse or struggled with sexual addiction.

Take the time to watch this. Take the time to listen. (click here if you are in FB reading this). 87% of child molesters say they were acting out something they saw in porn. Maybe porn isn't as victimless as some want us to believe... I also love what she said about how what we watch affects our response. Tiny seeds planted become acceptable thoughts, which leads to action - or inaction - the acceptance of what was once thought repugnant. The slow breaking down of society, of morals, of response - to apathy. There is a really good post at Change.org about how we see trafficked women thanks to the T.V. Did you know most women being prostituted in the U.S. were victims of sexual abuse a kids? It all comes back around... 

She was eight years old. Molested by two different men by ten. But listen at the end - to the power of the cross. We can't forget the cross - we can't forget what God gave and we so easily reject. Her faith is real, it's not a copout or a band-aid. Only God can take that hurt - only God can take any hurt - and make us able to not let us mark is, keep damaging us, haunting us. God can do that - and it comes through the suffering and pain, rejection and death of His Son.

There is a lot in this video. Thanks for posting it Crystal.