22 July, 2010

Beauty of the Gulf coast marsh

Reprinted from PoppyTalk.

Beauty of the Gulf coast marsh: "photos left to right: the fishing camp seen from a handmedown kayak out in the marsh, the mighty Brown Pelican, boom out in the water, Laughing Gulls on perches in front of the camp

Contributer post by Kathryn of Blackbird Letterpress

As the oils still flows 5000 ft under the ocean's surface, into the gulf, we wait. We wait for the consequences, for the effects on the animal life, the ocean life and the people. There is no clear outcome. Everyone has an opinion. And all we really know is that it's just bad.

David and I went down to the fishing camp last weekend and the area is still clean. So instead of talking about how fortunate it is for now or the fear of oil drifting in, I thought it would be better to document. To document it's beauty at this moment of oil-free-ness. Not sure how long it will last or if somehow the weather spares the area and doesn't bring it in. Hurricane Alex sucked the oil west, so it's just a matter of time....The boom has been laid out, working boats and helicopters are monitoring.

The camp is situated 6 miles off the coast, out in the marsh. There used to be land under it, but now it's just water and mud. (search for 'Lake Tambour, LA' at google maps, satellite view, it'
s the tiny white dot north of Bayou Charles Theriot) Built in the mid 90s, the fishing camp has been a place of somewhat remoteness in an area where land is rapidly decreasing. We've only been going to this camp for about a year, but we go often, sometimes every weekend. We were married on the deck there last October. Last weekend, each morning the dolphins slowly swam by, the Snowy Egrets graced us with their presence, and there was even a glimpse of one Roseate Spoonbill. The Sandwich Terns feuded with the Pelicans for perches and the Redfish were feeding.

I hope these photos will help illustrate how beautiful and inspiring this area is. Thanks Poppytalk for holding a Response market! Remember the gulf.

and a rainbow....

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