27 August, 2009

"How are you?"

If I could I would import thousands of those "Today I am..." signs and put them all over Rwanda. Therefore when people say, "How are you?" They could answer with more than "I am fine."

I always walk away thinking, "I am good." "I am well." "I am tired."  "I am hungry." "I am curious." "I am tired of being muzungu." "I am craving good coffee." But some days it is easier just to say, "I am fine."

Have you ever read that book "Caps for Sale"? It's about a hat peddler who sits beneath a tree one day and has all his hats stolen by monkeys.

Well today I saw a hat peddler, no joke, he must have had 10 hats on his head.

But that is not the most impressive thing I've seen someone carrying. Last week in Kigali, I kid you not, someone was walking down the street with 8 mattresses on his head.

I counted them, but he was too far to take a picture. But I promise you it's true. They bobbed up and down the street for a bit before the crowd cleared enough that I could see. He just turned down the street and kept walking, he didn't even look tired.

Other images I have at the moment...

A pile of discarded plastic bottles (someone who could establish a good recycling program here could make tons of money!) And the fact that my boiled water never looks as clear as the fresh bottled water.

The kids play in home outside the church. They all run out screaming "How are you?" Which I don't think they realize is a question and not a greeting. They are some of the sweetest kids ever.

Random hugs from random kids. One of them will scream, "Muzungu" and run and hug me on the leg and then scamper away. I love it.

Lots of time in quiet contemplation, lots of writing and journaling. Not a bad thing, slowly making the guest house home. I hung pictures on the wall and got a table for the second room - making it an office, letting me stow away. Going to do school visits next week, will write about those then.