18 August, 2009

Congo Update

Some posts on the Congo:

Texas in Africa ponders Clinton's trip to Africa. The end result - no new changes to report.

"Do you ever get that feeling that American politicians and diplomats say pretty much the same thing every time they go to Africa, regardless of whether they're representing Democratic or Republican administrations or whether it's 2009 or 1993? Yeah, me, too."

Change you can believe in, right back to 1996 :-)

How do you like these hairstyles? I am thinking about getting the last one, what do you think?

I will say Congolese care a lot more about fashion and appearance than Rwandans. Another difference between the two countries. I am back in Nyagatare next week which means stories are coming, photos too. For now, please be praying for what I am supposed to do come 1-November and that I will be diligent in what I was sent here to do.

miss you much.