08 April, 2009

Take 5 For the Congo!!!

From the Enough Project:

Thanks to your efforts, we have heard back from 16 of the 21 biggest consumer electronics companies. As we begin a dialogue with these companies, we need your help to turn up the pressure. What you can do:

  1. Endorse the Conflict Minerals Pledge and then ask your friends to endorse it too.
  2. Email the 21 biggest electronics companies and call on them to sign on to the Conflict Minerals Pledge and make their products conflict-free.

Congo's mineral wealth should be a source of prosperity and stability for the Congolese people, not a source of misery and violence. Each action you take makes an impact.

Take 5 minutes and do this - 5.5 million people have already died in the conflict - it's time we move to end it by stopping it at a source - the export of minerals!