05 April, 2009

Law in Afghanistan...

The Guardian did an article about the outrage over this new law in Afghanistan:

"I made it absolutely clear to the president that we could not tolerate that situation" (Gordon Brown said) "You cannot have British troops fighting, and in some cases dying, to save a democracy where that democracy is infringing human rights.

"[Karzai] responded by saying this law would not be enacted in the way it has been presented."

The Afghan president was accused of backing the law to win support from hardliners ahead of the presidential election. But a western diplomat said Karzai had been damaged by the international criticism of the legislation, which only affects members of the Shia minority, and was "looking for a face-saving way to drop it". "Given that it is election season right now plus the problems it would stir up it might be better if it could be buried," he said.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of all of this.