02 January, 2009

Stars in Liberia

Emily in Liberia writes about a new campaign to raise awareness about sexual violence against women.

Liberia is recovering from a war that ravaged the country. The sexual violence against women during the war was appauling and brutal. Even now, women are still at risk for sexual assualt.

In an effort to raise awareness, thousands of Liberian men, women and
children contributed statements relating to women’s rights. Written on wooden
stars, they were displayed last month on the grounds of Monrovia’s

It is amazing to see what some of these stars say.
- girls have a right to education
- women rights should be respected
- he must go to jail
- educate women about their rights.

What an amazing idea! I am amazed and speechless. Go Liberia for being willing to do something like this! Awareness is the first step...

This is incredible!