06 January, 2009

The LRA Strikes Again!

The UNHCR arrived in Tadu and Faradje in the DRC, towns attacked over Christmas by the LRA. Initial reports are not good. 500 Congolese civilians killed, 225 people (including 160 children) kidnapped, more that 80 women raped, close to 40,000 people displaced by the series of attacks in the Oriental Province.

This attack comes after Congolese, Sudanese and Ugandan forces joined together to launch an attack on the LRA.

Those of you who read the blog know how I feel about the LRA and about violence against women. It takes a coward to force a child to fight for him, it takes a coward to rape a woman, it takes a coward to attack an innocent village to get revenge for military action.

The LRA are cowards. And their actions continually relay their self-centered, terrorist, harmful, greedy intentions. It was right of the forces to attack the LRA, they are tired of civilians being attacked, kidnapped, and displaced. I just can't believe this idiot is smart enough to evade the military in their own territory. And now the LRA advances towards CAR, kidnapping children and raping more women.

How long can this go on? How long? The region has cried out for international help, and has received little (if any). There is an indictment from the Hague out for Kony, which is fantastic, but they have to catch him first.

My heart grieves. I want to help but feel powerless. I can't do anything but say again: This has to stop.


The innocent have suffered long enough. Kony is no longer fighting to "overthrow the Ugandan government," he is power hungry, corrupt and crazy. Like Nkunda (who may or may not have been ousted yesterday...), Kony is responsible for keeping the DRC unstable, or, at least is using the instability to further his own gain.

We shouldn't have to discuss whether women being raped is bad, or if a man using (and brutalizing) children is wrong. Someone should just do something. Everyone has a weakness, so find his and use it to bring him in. Or, I don't know, track his international cell phone and surround him... Is it really that hard to catch this bozo? No, but wait, we won't intervene because there is no "reason" for anyone bigger to get involved, so instead those unfortunate enough to be in the LRA's path just get pulled into this and have their lives destoryed...