18 January, 2009

What I'm Reading

Here is a collection of links from this past week:

How many countries can you name in 5 minutes?

A history of inaugurations and a special look at Lincoln.

The Truth Isn't Sexy - a campaign by Salvation Army Canada to shed light on the truth about trafficking and prostitution. They have links that talk about the World Cup in 2010. It has stats about what's happening in Canada, ways to get involved, and links to education yourself on the problem.

DRC Update

Rwanda is very complicit in this conflict. And are we part of the reason why?

The brotherhood is relatively secret for now, just as it was in the late 1990s when Rwanda denied being involved in Congo, only to later admit that it was occupying a vast section of the country. Rwanda’s leaders are vigilant about not endangering their carefully crafted reputation as responsible, development-oriented friends of the West.

Over 300 die in various attacks in the region, steaming from increased attacks by the LRA. Things have started to splinter and now those in IDP camps are being targeted for money...