21 December, 2008


Snapshots of a culture. Snapshots of a people. What do they mean? What do they represent? It's hard to try and summarize something that was so vast into a blog. We were in a different place every day, interacting with new people. It flashed like a blur, and yet, moments stand out.

A market at a truck stop in the way to Kompong Cham. A building at the King's Palace. The flag on our river cruise to the Silk Village. A boy passing through the temple grounds.

Images of a culture that lingers in my mind. Even now I miss the food, the crazy driving, the greetings - everything. I miss the people and the unhurried hurried-ness.

I will try to get specific soon. I did a debrief at work today and so that helped. I tend to be an internal processor - sorry for the lack of posting. I will try to get better. :-)