02 December, 2008


(from Janna)

We’ve been home a week now – hardly seems possible. Sometimes Cambodia seems like a dream – other times it’s as fresh in my memory as if I was still there. I hope the pictures Manda has posted gives you a taste of what we saw – it’s an amazing country with really friendly people who have beautiful smiles. I learned a lot – was taken very much out of my comfort zone in thinking about trafficking issues that just aren’t part of my daily existence here in the USA. At our final wrap up, our leader said for us to be prepared for God to really challenge our hearts once we got home to deal with what we had seen, heard and experienced. My fear is not that God will challenge me – but rather, that I won’t be open to listening to His challenge. I can see myself getting very busy with life here and letting Cambodia drift into a nice memory – and I really don’t want that to happen. I’m not sure how I’m suppose to change due to this trip – but I know I don’t want to be the same. Thanks for all your support – both prayer and financial – it was a great time for Manda and I together and individually. Continue to pray for Cambodia and all the amazingly faithful people – both nationals and others - who are working to heal lives in the name of Jesus.