16 October, 2008


Trafficking is not just something that happens "over there" where money is tight and technology lacks and poverty abounds and the people are different. Trafficking doesn't just happen to poor families, to the ignorant, to the women in their early twenties.

Trafficking is happening in the U.S. - it is happening to our daughters - girls who run away for one reason or another, girls lured through sites like myspace, craigslist or facebook. It happens to those who are poor, those who are rich, those who are white, those who are black. You can speak English, or not, be from a broken home or the "perfect" one.

The point?

We can't just care about trafficking when it's in our backyard. Because, tonight, some mother is grieving the loss of their child and whether you live in Bombay, New York, Cairo, Romania or Atlanta - that loss feels the same.

We need to care about trafficking because that is someone's little girl, and no girl, no woman, NO ONE should be bought and sold like cheap jewerly and treated like anything less than a complete human being.