30 September, 2008

Trafficking News:

I just discovered this wonderful site - here are some of the stories that caught my eye:

Children fighting sex slavery – put the power in their hands.

The Philippines saying trafficking isn’t being taken seriously

The Philippines recently convicted a woman of trafficking – even though the children had not be “violated.” "The ruling showed that one does not have to be physically exploited to be considered a victim of trafficking… It established that intention to exploit the victim was enough to be found guilty.” Yet, the number of convicted traffickers has been dismal – and the country is doing little to quell the spread or sustainability of trafficking.

The LRA attacks in the DRC

When this happens children are exploited when they are forced to become child soldiers – which is often accompanied by rape and desensitization. And, places of war are a harvesting place for traffickers – who use the confusion and increased orphans to pull kids into slavery. Furthermore, Kony pulled out of peace talks earlier this year due to (in my opinion) the “responsibility” factor – aka the Hague wants to put him on trial. Kony and the LRA just add to the warlords and others militias (and governments) using the DRC like a training camp and gold mine.

The IOM questions the cost of Human Trafficking – and would say the penalties do not fit the severity of the crime.

The IOM contends that global human trafficking is worth between US$7 billion and $12 billion dollars annually, making it the third most lucrative criminal activity after the narcotics and weapons trades, although "in contrast to these other criminal activities, however, the penalties for human trafficking in most countries are much less severe, or non-existent."