09 June, 2008

The Guardian

A morning dose of The Guardian (Stories from another part of the world)

UN staff grounded after gun goes off in plane

Getting from the DRC to the Ivory Coast can be a pain, especially after you shoot a hole in your own plane. Fortunately for the UN Ambassadors good ol’ reliable Rwandan buses helped get them to Kigali – getting out of the capitol city might be another matter…

Discovery astronauts make final spacewalk at international space station

It’s a short video of the astronauts working on the space station. It amazes me that we have people in space, floating around, fixing stuff, though I have to wonder – what good is the space station doing anyone?

Breaking the ice: condoms reach Antarctic base

"There are some people that tend to get a little bit bored. But for the most part, people who come down here know how to occupy their time.”

Israel tries to play down minister's warning of attack on Iran

Elite's villas blight village that inspired Dr Zhivago

A far departure from the days of Zhivago and Lara

“…A housing estate for Moscow's super-rich is being built on the meadow, just 50 metres from Pasternak's historic wooden dacha. Developers were putting the final touches to a series of mansions last week. Instead of the 'clear, moist, fluting tune' of the thrush, as Pasternak put it, the village now hums with the banging and whistling of workmen.”

Afghanistan: Away from the war

Afghan people and their lives removed from the war. Beautiful and telling photos by Antonio Olmos.